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Which Car Insurance Policy Cover Is Right For You?

In the complex world of insuring your car, before you begin looking for motor insurance policies, you need to know what sort of car insurance policy will suit you.

Different types of policies have different levels of cover. It’s good to fully understand the differences when comparing quotes. Read on to learn more.

Dover Insurance Services have over 50 car insurance schemes with leading insurance companies which will help you compare your motor car insurance quotations.

There are three main levels of car insurance cover to choose from:

  • Third party
  • Third party fire & theft
  • Comprehensive cover.

Third Party Motor Insurance

Third party is the absolute minimum cover you need to drive legally on the road in the UK.

Third party car insurance covers damage you may cause to other people and nothing else. This includes injuries to pedestrians, other drivers and passengers, damage to property as well as damage caused by caravans and trailers you might be towing.

Third party insurance is often thought of as the cheapest level of cover but this is not always the case. It’s important to compare the various policy options to ensure you’re getting value for money.

Third party cover can be suitable if your car is old and of low value, especially if any repair work would work out more expensive than the value of the car.

However, if you’re driving something a little more expensive, it may be well worth considering the other cover options available to you.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

The next step up after third party car insurance is Third Party Fire & Theft (sometimes called TPFT). It provides protection for third parties, as well as cover against fire damage and also against theft.

Should you be at fault in a crash, TPFT will not pay for repair work to your car, so this cover may not be the right choice if you cannot afford to replace your car should the need arise.

Third party fire and theft can also be suitable in many cases for young or inexperienced drivers (or those with a little no-claims bonus) as it affords them a decent amount of cover.

However it is still worth comparing against a fully comprehensive policy as you could find the cost is actually cheaper than TPFT because some  insurers are withdrawing from the TPFT cover market but are willing to cover vehicles Comprehensively.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Comprehensive car insurance covers everything previously mentioned in Third Party Fire Theft cover, but also covers you, as the policyholder, against medical expenses, damage to your vehicle, personal accident benefit and damage to or loss of personal items inside the car.

Comprehensive cover is the most complete cover you can get, although you should not assume that all comprehensive policies are the same.

Possible extras offered by some comprehensive policies:

  • courtesy car
  • extra legal cover
  • no-claims protection
  • European driving cover

Always check the small print of your policy as most of the things mentioned above can be added for a small extra cost.

Dover Insurance Services can advise you on covers such as motor breakdown, whether to protect your no claims bonus, whether legal expenses cover is going to be useful for you and whether to include an additional driver on your policy to possibly make your policy cheaper.

We can advise you about your car insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial vehicle (van and lorry) insurance  and motor-caravan insurance policies.

Feel free to speak to Dover Insurance Services and ask for Mark or Tina on 01304 213613 or e-mail us on or

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