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Unoccupied Property Insurance

Dover Insurance Services offer unoccupied property insurance on empty or vacant houses and buildings.

We have policies that provide comprehensive unoccupied property insurance. Immediate cover is available for:

Executors, Landlords & Home Owners

If the owner of a property has died and the property is unoccupied it is the responsibility of the executors to ensure that there is unoccupied property insurance in place.

Newly purchased buy to let properties may be unoccupied for a few weeks or longer if preparations are required before they are tenanted. Unoccupied property insurance should be in place until tenants move in.

Rental property may be unoccupied between tenancies at which point the property insurance policy may become invalid. Unoccupied property insurance should be in place until new tenants move in.

If your property is in need of renovation before becoming suitable for a tenant the unoccupied property insurers may need details of the type of renovation and the estimated period before quoting.

Your property may have been purchased with the intent that the owner will move in at a future date – after repairs have been done, or the owner has sold their old home. Protect your investment by taking out unoccupied property insurance.

Difficulties obtaining unoccupied property insurance

Generally, direct companies do not like offering insurance for unoccupied properties because they perceive the risk to be substantially greater but Dover Insurance Services can help.

Unoccupied properties may be let in the future on a commercial basis which many house insurance companies do not wish to insure.  A lot of insurers do not like to cover rental properties and will therefore not cover the unoccupied property. Contact Dover Insurance Services as we can get this cover for you.

There are greater risks attached to unoccupied property or empty properties. Because the property is vacant if damage does occur then it may not be spotted for some time and this may result in additional damage.

Unoccupied properties may be more likely to be vandalised.  For example bricks thrown through windows, burning rags pushed through the letter-box or squatters may move in.  Dover Insurance Services have companies willing to provide cover for these risks though.

Cover available for unoccupied property insurance (FLEA and water)

  • Cover may be restricted to ‘Fire Lightning, Explosions and Aircraft’ – FLEA cover
  • Cover for the ‘wet perils’ can also be included – storm, tempest, escape of water
  • Malicious damage can also be covered.

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